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    Beauty Empties Pt 1

    July 20, 2018

    I’m starting my empties series back up from scratch after an unintended hiatus that lasted longer than I wanted disrupted the last one. Truthfully I am really bad about throwing everything into the trash/recycling after it’s used up to avoid clutter or messes. In order to be more mindful I designated a special cosmetics pouch to collect my empties in and today I’m showing you most of what I used the last three months or so. As a beauty blogger and beauty enthusiast in general, I go through a lot of product whether those are full sizes or samples/deluxe sizes. Most of what you will see in these empties posts are in fact deluxe sizes since that is how I discover and test new skin or hair care. When it comes to makeup, I rarely hit pan or use something up entirely since I have such a wide collection of products that I rotate through and I try to use everything I have so nothing goes to waste.

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    MAC Mirage Noir

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