The 10 Minute Uniform

    January 19, 2018


    In polite society, tardiness is classified as the most basic form of bad manners – but, what is a girl to do when she (accidentally) swiped her alarm off and fell back asleep with her phone in her hand? When faced with the impending horror of limited time *gasp*, knowing you have a full day of work ahead of you *even bigger gasp*, thinking quickly on your feet to fashion together a strategic beauty plan of attack that allows for a polished look with minimal time granted, is paramount. Let’s say you give yourself 10 minutes before you have to be out of the house in order to make it just in time for clock-in, give and take a minute or 5, the quick and smart approach to tackle no time ÷ wearing your best customer service voice on your face = refined imperfection. Translation, no time to fuss!

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